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2022-2023 Welcome Letter - Summer Assignments - Supply List




Please check Homework Folder every night! 

3/24: Half Day (11:45 AM Dismissal) 

3/30: Picture Day (school uniform)



Pretzel sale: Tuesday and Thursday .50 cents

Gym is held every Friday. Please wear the proper gym uniform on Fridays.

Practice SplashLearn daily!

Play First In Math daily!   


Homework week of 3/20/23

ELA: Complete “Final e”  worksheets *Please read with your child at least 15-30 minutes every night*. 

Math: Complete “Chapter 14 Check Progress/Review” worksheet.  Review number words zero-ten. Review numbers 0-90 daily. Review counting backwards from 30; skip counting by 5 and 10; addition and subtraction; ten frames. 

Sight words: No new sight words. Please continue to review: the, a, and, to, is, I, you, it, in, he for, an, am, at, are, on, can, she, me, be, no, not, all, do, of, so, go, yes, my, as, but, was, we, will, has, like, with, what, this, that, they, there, make, good, come,here, have, from, were, when. 

Daily Review: Days of the week; months of the year; basic colors; basic shapes; letter sounds; sounding out words; rhyming words; patterns; color words

At Home Review: Telephone number; Birthday; Home address; mom/dad/guardian name; tying shoes; tucking in their shirts; buckling and unbuckling their belts.

Optional Homework: Draw a picture of two objects. Write down which object is shorter and which is  longer. Write  which is lighter and which is  heavier. 


I am thrilled to welcome you and your children to the 2022-2023 school year! Listed below are a few tools that will help prepare your children for the first full day of school. The school day will run from 8:10am-2:45pm. Our first full day is Tuesday, September 6, 2022. CARES and the breakfast program will begin that day. The breakfast program will start at  6:30am and the students will be brought up to the classroom at  7:50am. CARES will take place from 2:45pm-6:00pm. 

Well rested: Make sure your child had a full night of sleep so they are able to focus and learn the next day. 

Uniform: The children are always to be in the regulation school uniform. Please refer to the handbook for more information. 

Mask: As of now, masks are optional. If your child will be wearing a mask, it should be worn upon entering and leaving the school building.  Please write your child’s name on the mask.

Snack: There is a mandatory $10.00 snack fee for the year. This fee is due September 12th.  The fee only includes classroom snacks. It does not include the weekly pretzel sale or snack cart. The students must  bring their own refillable water bottle. No soda, juice, or glass bottles. Feel free to donate snacks, preferably healthy snacks. 

Lunch: The school provides hot lunch, but the students may bring their own lunch. If children bring their own lunch, please do not pack anything that needs to be refrigerated or reheated. Please work with your child on learning how to open food packages and drinks on their own. 

Naptime: Children will have about an hour to rest. If the child chooses not to nap, they  will be given quiet activities to do.

Supplies: Please make sure the students have all of their supplies. All supplies should be labeled with their name.

Homework: Homework will be assigned Monday and due Friday, unless you are notified otherwise. I will also assign optional homework if your child needs more of a challenge. 

How am I getting home?: Children should be aware of who is picking them up each day. If there are changes, please email me or notify the office. Children will not be released until I see the guardian who will pick them up. There is a form you will fill out that will let me know the people who are able to pick up the children. The children will not be released to anyone not on the list. If children are not picked up by 3:00pm they will be sent to CARES.  

Communication: Any information that you will need will be in your child’s folder and posted on the school website. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will get back to you within 24 hours. If you would like to schedule a meeting with me, it must be in the morning before school starts or after school. 



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