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Teacher Biography


                                                        Welcome to Third Grade


 Hello and welcome friends of Mrs. Ward (A.K.A. Miss Jodi),                  

 Many of my friends already know that I have been teaching at St. Athanasius school for 18 years as the First grade teacher, WOW! that is a long time.  I loved teaching first grade for all those years but it was time for a change in Mrs. Ward's teaching career and what a change it is, now I am teaching Third grade!  I am super excited about this opportunity and can not wait to begin this next phase in my life. Beginning my 19th year of teaching at St. A's how amazing, time has gone by so fast!  I am truly blessed to have been working here for all these years.  It has been God's plan for me to be a teacher at St. A's and now he has opened a new door for me.  It is still my philosophy to teach using a variety of teaching techniques that can reach and help all the students in my class.  I motivate my students through routines, procedures, hard work and an attitude that I instill in them that they can do anything as long as they try!  All the students who have walked through my door were OWLS; Outstanding, Wonderful, Learners!  From first to third and beyond, any student of mine will always be one of Mrs. Ward's owls!  

Education FACTS about Mrs. Ward:

Graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Child Psychology in 2002

Taught in the School District of Philadelphia in 2002-2004 

Became the First grade substitute at St. Athanasius School in November 2004, became permanent First grade teacher May 2005. 

Teaching for 20 plus years! 

FAVORITES of Mrs. Ward:

Favorite Types of Movies; Romantic Comedies and Sports Related 

Favorite Movie: A League of Their Own

Favorite Sitcom: Friends

Favorite Music: I love Motown and Country music 

Favorite Singer: Elvis Presley( I've been to Graceland and it was awesome!) Garth Brooks (Country singer).

Favorite Hobby: Watching reruns of the sitcom Friends with my husband Eric and baking!

Favorite Food: Pizza and French fries

Favorite Animal: Lion and an Owl

Favorite Color: Green

I like the Philadelphia Sports teams especially the Phillies and Flyers. I have found a new likeness for football and yes, my favorite football team is of course the Eagles! Which makes my husband happy, he loves the Eagles! I like to travel and see new places and experience new things. 

I am blessed with a wonderful husband, parents, 1 older brother, and a sister-in-law who have two terrific kids, my niece Emilee and nephew DJ.  

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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